Know All Your Testing and Treatment Options

October is recognized as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Although it seems that everyone is aware of breast cancer, many are not aware of the current options available for diagnosing and the subsequent treatment options based on a specific type of breast cancer detected. For example, molecular breast imaging (MBI) has been found to detect cancer 4x better in dense breast tissue than mammograms. Dense breast tissue does not affect just a small number of women. 50% of women have dense breast tissue whether you have been told by your medical provider or not.

There are many organizations dedicated to providing up-to-date breast cancer information, education, financial assistance, and emotional support. Inspiring survivor stories can be found in bookstores and online. One non-profit organization,, has an online member community that shares encouraging stories from diagnosis to complete remission. See below the current list of categories for topics. If you have a story to tell, share it with others – whether it be online or in a face-to-face conversation. Knowledge shared will help others to make informed decisions about improved diagnostic testing and more treatment options.




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