Client Testimonials

“Hiring Lifelong Wellness Advocates was the best decision I’ve made in many years. I needed assistance and advice in dealing with a Home Hospice situation for my father, as well as needing someone to provide support for my mother in dealing with the Hospice Care while I lived and worked 1000 miles away. Mary provided the best most complete and loving care possible, much more than I could have ever hoped for. She was truly an answer to our prayers.  Her friendly loving nature made her an instant hit with both my parents, and her medical expertise made her very well received and respected by all our Health Care/Hospice Providers as well. She kept me fully informed and updated on all medical issues and the general welfare for both my parents at all times.

Her work made it possible for us to be out of State, yet confident my parents were getting the best care possible. Mary made many outstanding observations and recommendations which greatly comforted my father in his last days and gave my mother the assistance she truly needed to keep my father at home until just before his eventual death. Truly a pleasure to know and work with.  My highest possible recommendation!”

-David L. in Channahon, IL

“Mary’s skillful facilitation of my father’s move into an Independent Living facility in Boulder was fantastic! Her deep knowledge of the services available and facilities and their individual assets allowed a low stress transition into a very positive situation. Additionally, her ability to dig in and find personalized services that were available, made all the difference. On top of all that, Mary is one of the most pleasant people to be around that I’ve ever met. I give her and Lifelong Wellness Advocates my highest recommendation.”

-Dave S. in Boulder, CO

As a physician, I was looking for an advocate for my relative in Colorado with Alzheimer’s who could be both compassionate and medically savvy. Lifelong Wellness Advocates have exceeded my expectations on every front. Mary’s organizational skills, level-headed thinking and hard work have pulled our family through a very difficult situation.”

- Jennifer B., MD in San Francisco, CA

“I was injured in a car accident two and a half years ago and was left quadriplegic with my wife as my main caregiver. My nephew found Mary Harris through the Internet and recommended we call her as our advocate. My injury has been overwhelming with the paperwork for my wife. Once we contacted Mary she instantly came with a warm welcome and compassionate heart to help us out. She has stepped up and helped us out in so many ways. Her computer and organizational skills are incredible! Her understanding of how insurance companies and hospital billings all interconnect can be a great asset to you. Also she has been searching stem cell research that may one day help me to walk again! No matter what we ask she is always there for us. She feels like family. I like to call her my little sister although we have never met. Her billings are always well accounted for. Everything that she covers is itemized so you understand easily what you are paying for. It never seems like she charges for everything that she does. We have been very happy with her service and would highly recommend her.”

- Patrick M. in Homer, AK

“I’ve worked with Mary Harris for 2 1/2 years in the care of my wife with younger onset Alzheimer’s disease. Mary is knowledgeable and incredibly resourceful. In a very caring and compassionate manner, she has addressed a myriad of medical, financial and legal issues. I’m constantly amazed at her ability to contact the right person at the right time. Mary is proactive, accomplishing tasks and solving problems that I didn’t think were possible. There is no way I could have managed the number of issues without her help. Recently my wife moved to assisted living and Mary worked diligently to find just the right place and even worked to set-up the apartment and arrange the furniture. I highly recommend Mary.”

- Roger R. in Littleton, CO

“Mary Harris has been a real gift to me and my family over the past 18 months. She has helped me to find wonderful companions and caregivers for my partner with early-stage Alzheimer’s; has found and recommended many other resources and introduced me to excellent medical practitioners and facilities; and has gone well out of her way to befriend us in a very personal way. She really cares, and her calm and warm personality immediately puts everyone at ease – both the caregivers and the cared-for. She is the one person my partner is always happy to see or talk to on the phone. Mary is proactive in seeing how we are doing and coming up with new ideas and resources. When I also became a long-distance caregiver for my parents in another city and needed resources there, Mary helped me to find them. I can recommend Lifelong Wellness Advocates and their services VERY highly to any family caregiver.”

- Susan S. in Boulder, CO



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