Advocate for Life-Threatening Disease

Currently there are numerous credible treatment options available locally, nationally and globally for serious or chronic illness. Integrating therapies and treatments can bring positive outcomes to a patient’s prognosis and overall quality of life. Research, ongoing disease management and filtering are necessary to navigate through the maze of medical practioners, treatment options and insurance barriers. At times, patients and their families are too close to their medical crisis with a narrow focus on the disease and its treatment options. In the quest for treatment and recovery there can be frequent changes to your care that will require planning and identification of your options. This can include: complementary therapies, clinical trials, new prescription drugs, diet and nutrition, lifestyle changes, homecare services and housing options. At Lifelong Wellness Advocates, we help the patient and the family take a proactive role in the health crisis. If you are unable to participate, we can do it on your behalf. In critical situations, time usually is of the essence. It is important to surround yourself with informed and proactive team members to support and collaborate with you and your family.

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